Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Breakdown of Bazemore Signing

Recent reports indicate that the Warriors have decided to sign the undrafted rookie Kent Bazmore. This is a good thing for the Warriors. If Brandon Rush does decide to come back, there will be more potential lineups to go to. Bazmore is a great player, and signing an undrafted rookie usually ends up working out for the Warriors: Let's break it down.

Usually, undrafted rookies like Anthony Morrow are always motivated to do well. They have something to prove: other teams should have drafted them when they got the chance. In the summer league, Bazemore's clever and smart play drew attention from teams like the Hawks. Luckily the Warriors got to him first. Bazmore will be a fine addition to this already deep Warrior squad. Bazemore is a guard that can rebound the ball, which is key. He's a defensive phenomenon and a shot blocker. His wingspan is 6'10. Lengthy is key for a basketball player. This enables him to grab rebounds and block shots, while also getting into the passing lane. Defense was an area that the Dubs were criticized for.

If Brandon Rush decides to take his talents to LA, then Bazemore would be a great back up to Klay Thompson. Bazmore has a decent shooting touch, great defense, and he pulls down a lot of boards for his position. He's the perfect complement to Jarrett Jack.

When the Warriors decided to sit Klay Thompson out and not risk injury, Bazmore took his place. Many were skeptical the Warriors could keep their perfect record. Bazmore filled Thompson's shoes quite nicely as he filled up the stat sheet every night. In the end, he's a fine addition to the Dubs' roster, and should end up being a fan favorite.

Will this effect Brandon Rush? The Warriors are waiting for Brandon Rush to decide to come back to GSW, but as said before, there are a lot of perks of joining the Lakers. Rush may also be pushed away by the new addition of Kent Bazmore. We'll see how this plays out. If the Warriors get both Rush and Bazemore, then that's just a bonus.

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